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Pourover Pitcher

Pourover Pitcher

This vessel is hand formed out of english porcelain on the potters wheel. The pattern is achieved through an ancient technique called sgraffito. A thin pigmented clay is painted onto the surface of unfired clay and selectively carved away to reveal the bright white clay body underneath. This form is intended to be used as a coffee pour over pitcher. A filter will fit in the upper part of the pitcher, coffee will flow into the base and can be poured once the process is complete and the filter is removed. The spout for pouring helps the liquid flow constantly without creating a vacuum. The base has dense walls to retain heat. Entire pot is coated with a high gloss non-toxic clear glaze.

Best with adjustable chemex paper filters, but will fit a standard corrugated drip filter.
Vitrified porcelain can withstand both hot and cold temperatures.
For longest life and full experience, please hand-wash.
Signed and Dated on Bottom
20cm x 17cm
250 USD180 USD
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