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Detailed Hanging Planter

Detailed Hanging Planter

This planter is fashioned out of hand thrown vitrified english porcelain. It is designed with a drain hole and strong nylon cording in a orange and black pattern. The bowline knots strong but easy to untie to replace the rope if needed. The patterning is achieved through the sgrafitto technique. The surface of the wet clay is painted with a thin pigmented clay called slip. The slip is then selectively carved away to reveal the bright white porcelain clay body underneath. Entire planter is coated with high gloss clear glaze. For longer life and full experience, hand-wash only. 

7 Tall
5 Wide

Pro Tip: Position the hanging planter so that there is a regular plant underneath to drain into, that way you don't have to take it down to water it.
130 USD
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