Dana Bechert Ceramics

Barbie Pictographic Vase

This vase is made from wheel thrown vitrified english porcelain. Entire vase is glazed with clear. Pattern is achieved by painting the surface with a dark thin clay called slip. Slip is carved away to reveal the bright white clay body underneath. This pot is part of a series featuring whimsical images taken directly from a stream of consciousness. Many seemingly unrelated items appear on each pot. They act as a kind of time capsule for this moment in history. 
Some items featured on this pot are: a fossil, 3d glasses, a computer mouse, a toothbrush, a Volvo 240 wagon, a wishbone, a sock, a wheelbarrow, a bicep, a pea shoot, a sun hat, a 90's cellphone.
Signed and Dated.
22cm x 12cm
500 USD
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